Dr. Allison Bodnar - Veterinarian


Dr. Allison Bodnar is a Tampa native, growing up in South Tampa and attending Tampa Bay Technical High School.

After graduating from the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, she practiced for 3 years in St. Petersburg, Florida.

She is an avid Disney fan and can be found there frequently. At home, she has three Manx cats and 3 dogs.

Dr. Allison Bodnar has taken interest in soft tissue surgery and she is the lead surgeon at Sunshine Animal Hospital. She completed a special course and now offers TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation), Laryngeal Tie Backs, PU (Perineal Urethrostomy) amongst other surgeries like Spays, Neuters, Gastropexy, Cystotomy, and intestinal surgeries.